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Vanessa is such an empathic person at the same time as being very clear on the background, theory, and knowledge behind - while doing the astrological reading she is not just telling you what she reads in your chart, but clearly explaining why and how she reads it. I find this super interesting. That she at the same time was SO spot on so many aspects regarding who I am, what my potentials are and will be, and especially what I had to be conscious about, takes stuff to a new level. The session made me be aware of some specific upcoming things - and being aware of this lead to me deal with it faster and clearer, and also gave some insights to myself that have been highly useful both in my personal and career life.
So I can definitely recommend a reading from Vanessa!

Tine Surel Lange

She decoded the very essence of what I am, further than the mere shape of myself. With an amazing accuracy, she found the answers of what happened, what is happening and what might happen; and it deeply helped me to understand things of my own behavior, desitions, fears and joys, and also to find what i have to face! Simply amazing, breathtakingly accurate, And of course, totally recomended, I asure you it will be more than only helpful, but also thoughtfully enjoyable and misteriously marvelous!,

Aaron van den Bosch

I highly recommend a Reading from Vanessa! Vanessa has a brilliant way to see the Whole Picture of both the person and situation, and Place good advices into everyday life and importaint decisions. She has a deep understanding and aceptance of the uniqueness and potentials that lies within and she really helped me to see more clearly my gifts, Challenges and potentials, which felt very supportive. 🙂
Best of Luck!

Kristin Nango

Vanessa had a very good understanding of who I am through the reading of my chart. She has also given me great insight about what could come and which gave me confidence about choices I made and the direction I was taking. With a bit of time now, I can say I'm happy about where I am and the advice she gave me.

Simon Alexandre